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The product quality inspection of our company is based on the manufacturing course of the products, including raw materials inspection when purchasing, semi-finished products inspection control, and the final inspection of the finished products. The raw materials inspection must be finished within 24 hours after purchasing, issuing a "detecting and testing report". Only after the qualified test, are the materials allowed to be stored in the warehouse; otherwise the raw materials will not be accepted or be part of the production procedure.

We use the method of composition inspection and spectrometry analysis to inspect and control the quality of our semi-finished and finished products. We use specialized vocational methods for round ingot quality, squeeze quality, finished-products quality and patrol inspections to guarantee each course of the manufacture. We establish key quality control points in each course of the product realization to guarantee there is no negligence.

Fenglu uses the most advanced and complete product inspection equipment among the aluminum products enterprises of China. These include direct-reading spectrometers, 100 kN microelectronics universal rally testing machine, salt spray testing box, computer gloss meters, 50×-1500× metallurgical microscope, Q-SUN xenon light testing box, Luomi products testing system,10-5000nm ultrasonic flaw detectors, vicat softening point/heat deflection test apparatus, Baerhuoke indentation experimental instrument, spectrophotometry color measurement instrument etc.