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1. Fenglu was awarded as "Famous Trademark of China".
2. Fenglu was awarded "Provincial level enterprise technical center" and "Industrial aluminum extrusions technical researching and developing center of Guangdong Province."
3. Fenglu was placed in charge of drafting and stipulating the National Mandatory Standard—"Energy Consuming Grading Standard for Architectural Aluminum Alloy."
4. Fenglu was awarded "AAAA standardized performance enterprise" by the National Standardization Committee.
5. Fenglu's "Industrialization of new aluminum materials for no-lead, easy cutting" was adopted into the National Torch Plan.


1. Fenglu built the longest horizontal anodizing production line in China (13.5 meters).
2. Fenglu was named "Guangdong Province privately-owned Science and Technology Enterprise."
3. Fenglu implemented a manufacturing, study and research project of the Guangdong Province and Education Department, and worked in cooperation with Beijing Science and Technology University to develop good performance, complex sections.
4. Fenglu developed a new type of environmentally friendly, aluminum alloy, called 6043 aluminum. We received a patent for this, which was the first Chinese, newly registered aluminum alloy.


1. Fenglu was the first company to enter the military field of aluminum profiles.
2. Fenglu was the first company to become involved in the space exploration industry. Our products are known as "Special Aluminum for China Space" and we are considered a "Cooperative Partner of China Space."


1. Fenglu aluminum was named as the only supplier in China for the Shanghai F1 circuit.

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