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Fenglu owns more than 100 extrusion production lines which were introduced from Japan and Taiwan Province ranging from 550 to 10000 tons. We also own the powder coating and PVDF production lines introduced from Britain and France respectively, which can manufacture products up to 12.5m in length. The broken-bridge type heat insulation products production line from Italy and the standing type anodized coloring, electrophoresis painting production line from Korea are the most advanced and efficient within the aluminum products manufacturing enterprise in Asia. Fenglu is one of the most high-tech and well equipped aluminum products manufacturing enterprises in China.
The super long aluminum extrusions (up to 13.50 meters/ 45 inch) production line with anodized or electrophoretic coated surface is the only one in China. These extrusions, with polished or brushed surface treatment, can be applied to bathroom frames, furniture, flooring systems, indor decorations, etc. Aluminum extruded seamless tubes can be applied to high pressure gas or oil industries.